Mailingmachine - K40-6

foto1 Soort Mailingmachine
Fabrikant Kern
Type machine K40-6

Manufacturer: KERN

Model: K40-6
Year: 2009

Kern 40-6 Mail Wrapping Machine year 2009 and not much used. Machine is in very nice condition! Machine is ready for a demonstration and price is not to high.

Min size 120 x 150 mm
Max size 320 x 420 mm
Min thickness 0.1 mm
Max thickness 40 mm
Max roll diameter 400 mm
Max film width 700 mm
Max performance 6,000 pieces / per hour
Applicable films Polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), PVC


  • In-feed track 2 meter length (2009)
  • KERN wrapping machine (2009)
  • Converyor belt with turn and mechanically driven
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