Flowpacker - Unique XK Inox uitvoering

foto1 Soort Flowpacker
Fabrikant Italdibipack (Nieuw)
Type machine Unique XK Inox uitvoering
- Stainless steel frame
- Double pair of sealing wheels.
- Trasversal sealing with “cut and seal” jaws, vertical closure.
- Adjustable conformer to facilitate and expedite format changes.
- Feeding speed adjustable through the PLC.
- Temperature of the “cut and seal” jaws and the sealing wheels electronically controlled by the PLC. UNIQUE XK can be equipped with a large number of optional to extend its applications in an incredible way.
- Several feeders to facilitate and speed up the loading of products.
- Thermal transfer printer.
- Photo-eye for registered printed films.
- Crossed reading photo-eye for automatic detection of product’s length, to work and pack sequence of products with different lengths. Further optional are available upon request to satisfy the most different packing needs and necessaries.
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